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Hi! I’m Marc. I work at ACTIUM Digital by SEMIC as a Project manager of Web and eCommerce development. In weekends, I build side-projects like StoryDevil and Newslead, and sometimes I do 3D design just for fun. In another life, I built the social network YoteConozco, a platform for artists Directo al Artista, and the iPhone app Strawberry Like.

I have a full-stack development profile that, over the years, has helped me to adopt the role of technical direction, project management, consulting and support in the creation of digital projects.

You can contact me via Email at [email protected], and find me on Twitter, LinkedIn.

Articles I wrote this year

(more in spanish)

Technologies I work with

With years of professional experience in

  • Web & eCommerce
    • Drupal 7 & 8
    • Magento 1 & 2
  • Frontend
    • HTML5 – CSS3
    • Bootstrap – Foundation
  • Web apps
    • Python
      • Plone
      • Django – Flask
    • PHP
      • Symfony
      • Laravel
  • JavaScript – TypeScript
  • Systems & DevOps
    • Linux
    • Docker
    • Apache – Nginx
    • Webpack
    • Git – Gitlab
    • Azure
  • Mobile development
    • Ionic 4
    • Swift

I learn and use lately

  • React
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • MongoDB – GraphQL

Some clients and projects made at ACTIUM y SEMIC

Actual projects

logo copy 2

Newsletter agregator.

I created Newslead at the end of 2020 together with Josep Maria Florista, with whom I worked for a few years at SEMIC. Our idea is to offer a website with a categorized list of newsletters that their own authors can manage. Newsletters are booming and we realized that there was no website like that.

My friend Josep Maria is in charge of SEO and marketing, while I take care of programming and all the technical part. Developed with Python and Django.


Web application for writers and storytellers. and

This is our favorite side-project. We published this project in February 2020. Developed with Python and Django.

Projects I made

directo al artista logo 2

Directo al Artista
Portal for hiring artists without intermediaries.

Project developed with Django. Currently closed.

yoteconozco logo 2

Website to meet new people.

We developed our own PHP framework and created this contacts website. Reached more than 65,000 users in Spain and Latin America. They talked about us in different specialized media such as Genbeta. Currently closed.

Some random and quick sideprojects

Hay Vacuna

Social networks where you can find me

My prefered platform to stay informed.

Where I have my CV and professional profile.

Where I wrote some articles, by now only in spanish but I’m planning to do it also in english soon.

Where I work in some projects sharing public and private repositories.

Where you can contact me using a secure channel.